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Hastings Youth Council 

The Hastings Youth Council is a group of young people aged 14-21 who are passionate about empowering the youth voice and making change. We participate in many activities in our local community and give an official voice to the young people of Hastings.

We meet once a week during term time, with events running throughout the year.  
If you’re interested in joining us, please 

fill out this form.

For more info, drop us an email: 
or call: 01424 722241

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What we do

  • Represent young people in Hastings

  • Promote positive change in the community

  • Gather the views and opinions of young people in Hastings

  • Consult and work with partnership agencies

  • Raise awareness of services available for young people


Our manifesto

Every year the HYC vote in a Manifesto. These important issues are chosen by the youth councillors to represent the priorities of the young people for the upcoming year, we try to do something positive to campaign on each point.

This year one of our manifesto points was ‘Looking after our Environment’. To action this we have had consultations with the RSPCA Mallydams and Naturebytes, and as a result of the brainstorming we did in these sessions, we are going to be collaborating with Wild Cost Sussex on a beach clean later in the month. Watch this space!


Who can join?

Anyone between the ages 14 to 21, living, working or going to school/college in the Hastings area.

What do you do?

We represent the youth voice, consulting on local projects, volunteering and trying to make a positive difference to the lives of young people.

Why should I join?

The HYC is a great opportunity to have your voice heard. What do you care about? Are there any burning issues you wish were being tackled by the community or local government? The HYC is also a great opportunity to socialise with other young people, take part in volunteering opportunities, and looks fantastic on your CV and university applications.

What are the rules?

See our constitution (linked)

How do I sign up?

Fill in this form or contact the EFT

When do you meet?

Wednesday evenings at the Learning Centre on Bexhill Road or The Firs, Elphinstone Road, we also sometimes take part in projects outside of these hours, at weekends or school holidays.

The voice of Hastings youth

Meet the Team

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