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Education Futures Trust (EFT) aims to improve the life chances of children, families and vulnerable adults in Hastings and the surrounding area by helping them realise their potential and overcome the social, emotional and educational barriers to achievement.

Focusing on the needs of the most disadvantaged and excluded residents; we build resilience to enable sustainable change. We work holistically, providing learning through forest schools, conservation work, our Shore Academy, sport, catering experiences and our community café, whilst offering projects that include:

  • keyworkers who support vulnerable children and families

  • coaches who provide 1-1 intensive support for adults with multiple issues

  • a parenting practitioner who builds positive child-parent relationships

  • alternative provision for children struggling in mainstream education

  • a CCG funded Health and Wellbeing Hub, which involves coordinating systems and services in north-east Hastings

Our Story

Education Futures Trust was established in January 2012 after local school heads and governors chose to create an independent organisation to:

  • sustain partnership working

  • deliver services identified as essential to families

  • draw down additional funding to benefit schools and families

  • provide additional commissioned services for schools

  • develop new services


Charitable status was achieved on 1st March 2012, enabling the EFT to move forward to meet its obligations, particularly around fundraising. The additional revenue, raised through bids and fundraising activities, provides free services for member schools and local families.  The Trust benefits from the expertise of local, senior leaders from the community, business, education and the council who form the board of trustees.

We have a professional team of employees and volunteers who work for the Trust.  Each of these covers our work with Families, Young People, Adults and Schools.

Working with schools and families across Hastings, St Leonards and

the surrounding area. Our children. Our families. Our community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Education Futures Trust provides high-quality and innovative support and learning tailored to the needs of children, families and vulnerable adults in Hastings and the surrounding area. 


Our Vision

The Education Futures Trust seeks to continue the established partnership working in order to transform opportunities for students and families in the Trust; to ensure that they enjoy the best possible outcomes to enhance their life chances.

We Need Your Support Today!

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