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Fergus Garrett Biodiversity Lecture

In the New Classroom at the Firs

7pm - 8.30pm 24th October 2023

Tickets £15*

Refreshments on sale from 6.15pm

Fergus Garrett lecture
Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener, Great Dixter

We are delighted to announce that Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener and CEO at the magnificent Great Dixter House & Gardens will be the first speaker in a series of lectures here at EFT.

Great Dixter in East Sussex, England, is one of the world’s most charming and dynamic gardens. It is well known for its long season of interest with layers of planting mimicking the wild, as well as its colorful and exuberant displays.

The recent biodiversity audit on the garden and estate showed it to be richer in biodiversity than all the countryside around it ranking amongst the 30 most biodiverse places to be audited in the United Kingdom.

The staggering results are due to the dynamic nature of the garden, the fact that it is chemical free, the fact that it integrates natives with exotics and allows the countryside to flow into the garden, and many other reasons which Fergus will describe and relate to other gardens and public spaces in his talk. Fergus will show examples from Dixter and how they can be used to create a sanctuary in your own space.

*Tickets are available at £15, with a number being offered free to people on low incomes, who are interested in the subject and may be thinking about this as a volunteering or career path. All income from tickets and donations will support the outdoor learning programme.

Details of future events will be posted here.

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