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EFT Food Hamper Project Closes

Last week saw the delivery of our very last food hamper as sadly our food hamper project is closing down. Our volunteer's dedication and hard work over the past 4 years have made a big difference in the lives of many families facing food poverty. The support provided, ranging from essential food items and additional necessities, like Christmas and birthday presents, bedding, and school supplies, shows the depth of care and compassion behind this project. At this time, it's important to recognise and celebrate the achievements and positive impact it has had, packing and delivering over 10,000 food hampers since the project started in 2020.

We will transition recipients to other sources of help, to ensure that they will continue to receive the support they need. A huge round of applause to all the volunteers, and staff member Victoria, for their unwavering dedication and passion in running the project. Also a big thank you to the local organisations, schools, supermarkets and individuals who have donated food and other items during this time. Your efforts have not only provided sustenance but also brought joy and relief to countless families during their times of need. Thank you for making a real difference in our community, we couldn't have done it without you all.

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