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Celebrating ten years of Without Walls® Course

Updated: Jun 25

This year marks the tenth anniversary of our award-winning Without Walls® outdoor learning course, which aims to increase confidence, community connection and communication through nature conservation.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with fantastic participant teams, who have supported each other and worked side-by-side to complete the weekly tasks. It’s not all been hard work; we’ve also enjoyed learning together, finding out more about local flora and fauna and developing some bushcraft skills. We appreciate everyone’s unique skills, and their generosity in sharing them.

‘EFT delivers such a great range of completable tasks- clearly explained with safety paramount but always with humour and a genuine passion for this space and all the wildlife that lives here.’ - Participant

Huge thanks also to the many organisations, large and small, that have funded this vital offer, to Hastings Borough Council’s wonderful ranger service who have supported our decade-long relationship with the haven that is Shornden meadow, to the John Muir Trust awards whose ethos aligns so perfectly with ours, and to our committed, talented and dedicated volunteer team, who turn up week after week, year after year, in fair weather and foul to ensure that the show goes on.

Keep an eye on our courses page and social media for updates on future Without Walls courses.

‘I hope the course can carry on teaching people about the wild places that are just outside their doors, and opening people’s eyes.’ - Participant
Shornden Meadow
‘[The course] has really improved my self-confidence, I now have new skills that I can use outside of the course. Socially I was able to stay in touch with the outside world. Spiritually I feel lifted in my self-esteem and confidence.’ - Participant

We hope to continue delivering the Without Walls® course for another ten years!

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