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Outdoor Learning

’I used to struggle to leave the house even to go to the shop next door some days…Without Walls has changed all that.’


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Forest School

Forest Schools is based on developing self-esteem, confidence, independence and responsibility in children of all ages and ability. This is achieved through inspirational, stimulating, hands-on, outdoor experiences in a woodland environment. It's aim is not to replace classroom learning, but to enhance, expand and add to it. 

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning is a person centred approach in any outside space, ideally a natural setting such as a woodland, green space or the beach.  Learning outdoors helps reduce the barriers to learning that some learners face in the classroom.  It allows learners to experience a deeper connection to their learning, to their peers and to the natural world around them.

Family Learning

The sessions provide a safe networking space for families where the children are exposed to opportunities for learning through play. We offer whole family events, where siblings and grandparents can join in too, encompassing and recognising the team around the child. Families can build a portfolio of budget friendly activities and a knowledge of developmental opportunities. 

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'Coming along has kept me motivated, shown me that I can do something.  I no longer feel as useless.’

‘I feel like I’m coming home when I get to the Firs. We can all have our special moments but we laugh together and get stuff done and get some headspace back.’

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