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Keywork and Family Support

‘My Keyworker has given me more confidence to cope with situations and I have been able to source more info and courses myself'


At Education Futures Trust, we have a team of Keyworkers that work in schools across Hastings and St. Leonards, supporting children and families within the school environment.

A Keyworker works with the child in school, and with the family outside school, to try to improve behaviour, motivation and engagement in the classroom.

Our support is regular and sustained over a period of about 13 weeks in order to achieve success in breaking down barriers to learning.

For each child, we provide sustained support from a significant adult, access to extra resources and materials and help to improve behaviour and/or attendance​. For the family we provide a 'listening' ear, suggestions about the range of services that can help, support in contacting the appropriate agencies and contact between home and school.

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'My role as a Keyworker is to offer emotional and practical support to children and their families. Being a good listener, non-judgmental, patient and understanding are essential to building trusting relationships. This is key for making positive differences and life changes'. - Keyworker at EFT

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