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Message from the CEO


The Education Futures Trust has come a long way since its inception in January 2012, and I feel hugely privileged to be leading a dedicated team of staff, volunteers and trustees who use their experience and knowledge to improve the life chances of the children in Hastings, Rye and the local area.

Children are our core focus but we know that, in order to make their lives better, we need to build strong families and communities. Only then will children feel safe and be able to thrive. Too many of our children live turbulent lives which leave them insecure, fearful and lacking the motivation to succeed.

We pride ourselves on our local knowledge, and we understand the challenges faced by our schools, partners and families. Poverty and high levels of deprivation cannot be an excuse to allow our children to fail. We cannot change circumstances, but we can develop the skills in our communities that lead to resilience and self-sufficiency.

Our core principle is the belief that education can change children’s futures. We work in partnership with our schools, listening and supporting where we can. Learning takes many forms, and underpins all that we strive to achieve. Remaining the same will not bring about change, and we challenge attitudes in order to bring about transformation.

Staff and volunteers are well trained, and able to deliver both accredited and customised programmes to high standards. We believe that it is essential that our staff and volunteers maintain and improve their knowledge through quality training and regular review. We listen to feedback and change accordingly. Underpinning this is an ability to respond to need; adapting programmes and evaluating impact to inform future support.

Our reputation for quality support and expertise, that makes a real difference, has been developed in a short time, but it is built on the predecessor organisation, the Excellence Cluster. We have had the privilege of taking forward the best of practice, whilst being able to take a fresh look at what really works.

The mental health of children and adults is paramount to building strong communities, which will in turn lead to sustainable change. So many of our children have underlying mental health issues, brought about by the challenging circumstances in which they live. Our role is to assess this need, identify the level of input required and work to make a difference to individuals, to families, to groups and to communities.

As schools our children, our families and our communities face ever-changing challenges, our services remain proactive and responsive.

Carole Dixon – CEO, Education Futures Trust

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