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Alternative Provision

Provide an Alternative Provision especially tailored for students who struggle in mainstream education due to emotional & behavioural difficulties. Education Futures Trust strives to create a safe, stimulating & fun learning environment to engage young people in our care. The courses on offer include various sports awards & qualifications such as Young Leader Award & Sports Leaders. In addition to this we offer Outdoor education Courses such as Science of Survival, Shore Academy & Working without Walls Forest School in which the John Muir qualification can be obtained.


This newly developed service will offer offsite therapeutic provision to address the issues in pupils who struggle to manage in school for a range of reasons e.g. self-esteem, loss and separation, friendship, anxiety, making positive choices. Each pupil will have a named worker who will deliver 1-1 support.

This service will focus on the needs of the child and will aim to build their resilience in order for them to cope with mainstream schooling. It should be seen as a curriculum offer that compliments school provision.

Sessions will constantly reinforce the behaviours required in school, and at all times will focus on building the skills for the child to access their educational entitlement in their own school. Links will be maintained with the child’s parents throughout the provision. The reintegration element, delivered across 1-2 weeks, is crucial to success. Additionally, schools will be provided with a report, based on the Boxall profile, with recommendations that will support the child back in school.

Sessions will run on a daily or ½ day basis for a term, and can be booked across the week, depending upon the needs of the pupil/s. Where two terms’ support is booked at the outset, there will be a reduced cost for the second term.

Provision will be personalised to the child, following completion of:

  1. Boxall profile by the school
  2. Observations by allocated EFT staff member
  3. Target setting with the class teacher/SENCo

Provision will begin following completion of the above. A timetable will be drawn up with the school and costings provided, prior to the start of provision. Payment for the whole period will be required and it is the school’s responsibility to ensure that arrangements are in place for the child to travel to the provision, including during periods of exclusion.


‘It has been a real pleasure to see multi-agency work at its best with an outcome that I believe has succeeded in stopping a young person from what was very likely permanent exclusion. The efficient and timely communication and the common aim of what is best for the young person was evident in all professionals involved. Feedback from the carers today show that not only has this positively influenced academic life but also stabilised and made enjoyable home life in the placement.’