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The Shore Academy

The Shore Academy is a unique beach-based educational experience which aims to embed a love of and respect for the local coastline through a series of exciting and hands-on weekly sessions. This is a great way to have fun by the sea and at the same time gain a better understanding of how our beautiful local marine environment is affected by human action.

Courses run once a week for 4-6 full or half day sessions. Content of sessions will vary according to the focus of the project, the interests of participants, weather conditions, season and locality. Children are taught skills on an incremental step by step basis and each group will progress according to how their skills and abilities develop. Content is delivered kinaesthetically in different ways for different age groups; for example KS1 students learn through play and activity, while KS3 pupils are set challenges with a ‘survival’ focus. Topics and activities may include –

• Exploring/mapping the beach environment
• Learning about links between industry and the shore
• Finding out about creatures of the sea and shore
• Creative response – i.e. pebble art, kite making
• Making shelters
• Scallop shell fires and toasting marshmallows
• Lighting storm kettles and making hot chocolate



‘The class teacher was thrilled with the level of engagement and enjoyment her children had during these sessions. This shone through in their sharing assembly with parents and the ownership they had taken over the project.’ Head

‘ I have learned about where I live and how to work as part of a team.’ Yr 8 student

‘I really loved being adventurous. I never knew about fat bergs [or about] how beautiful [the beach] is. I do want to keep our seas clean.’ Yr 4 student