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Wellbeing Programmes

A series of wellbeing programmes that support participants to make healthier lifestyle choices with regard to their emotional, mental and sexual health.
The FLASH programme supports parents/carers who have a young person in their care


The Wellbeing programmes are delivered in five separate workshops:
1 Stress and Anxiety management
2. Self Esteem and Confidence
3. Relationships and Communication
4. Choices
5. Families Learning About Self Harm (FLASH)

The project provides a ‘wrap around’ service through:
• Initial 1:1 meetings (whether this be in their home or local venue)
• Assessment of need and individual planning
• Liaison with referring agencies
• Delivery of information
• Practical strategies
• 1:1 support throughout the programmes
• Referral on to other services when appropriate
• Access to other EFT programmes
• Follow up after the programme


“I would like to thank you for really changing my life… It’s so incredible what you do.”

“The course has helped me control my anger when I feel I am going to lose it. I haven’t ‘flipped’ since starting the course and am not reacting to others. I have developed calming ways of helping myself.”

”I recognise all of my faulty thinking and its sources and feel calm and collected.”