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Walk in the Park

Increase your confidence and improve your mental and physical health whilst finding out more about the outdoor environment.  Share positive outdoor activities with others.

Short walks, creative activities, opportunities to learn new skills and meet new people whilst engaging in individually appropriate levels of physical activity will allow you to think about sustainable ways to manage your own mental health and well-being.  Activities include:-

 walking and exploring the local area
 investigating local plants
 identifying wildlife
 Understanding the natural environment.

For anyone aged 18+ who identifies as having issues of confidence, anxiety, depression or poor mental health. Increase your well-being through easy circular walks.


“Felt at peace within myself”

“I really enjoyed learning about foraging and drinking nettle tea”

“I thought it was great to meet new people, I also learnt how to light fire, I wouldn’t change anything”

“Good to get out and get motivated”

“Very interesting to listen to people and their walk of life”

“Practiced mindfulness, listening to nature and being present, we went back to our childhoods and played Eagle Eye”