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Business Ambassadors

Working Ways take student business ambassadors into the world of work. The aim is for the students (aged 9-16) to be able to link Employability Skills to the skills and values that are promoted by their school. In the course of an academic year the business ambassadors look at 8 different employment sectors by interviewing people in their place of work.

Each cycle starts in Hastings Borough Council at the Council Chamber. From here the ambassadors visit different retail outlets, seeing both public and staff areas. They then reconvene to discuss their findings. Subsequent visits are to catering establishments, banks, emergency services, a leisure centre, Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, the old town to look at tourism, Marshall Tufflex and Ashburnham Place Conference Centre for a Celebration Event. We have been hosted by, in addition to the Council Chamber, Sussex Coast College, Hastings Fire Station, local schools, The Stables Theatre and Ashburnham Place.

Each school sends up to 4 students together with a member of staff. These business ambassadors represent their school throughout the year, cascading what they have learnt to the rest of the school.


If you would like to read further information, please read our Working Ways Flyer – 2016-2017 


“I didn’t know there were so many different jobs in a bank!”

“Rich, at Game, told us all about the ‘P’ words- Products, People, Procedures, Policies, Place, Preparation, Planning and Passion. He said that it is important to have a passion for your work”