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Leading Edge College

The Leading Edge College is a programme that seeks to challenge and inspire able students by providing experiences they will not have in the standard curriculum. The termly full day workshops are hosted in different locations from secondary schools, a small holding and Hastings Museum and Art Gallery.

The programme starts with ‘Crime Team Investigates’ in which students act the part of forensic scientists in the collection and analysis of evidence form a murder scene.

‘A Slice of Excellence’ is led by our resident chef and involves students designing and preparing a three course meal, learning and using all the prerequisite skills.

‘The Total Immersion Theatre’ takes students through the experience of being in ‘Wonderland’ and finishes with a performance to parents and school staff.

‘A Small World’ is an exploration of the issues of migration and of being a refugee through workshops in storytelling, drumming, food and the boat project.

When students visit a small holding they have a hands on experience of caring for goats, sheep, chickens, a miniature horse and bees.

The Celebration Event is held at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery. Following a task set in the galleries, students present their learnings from the year.


2016 /17 Event

Another successful start to the Leading Edge College programme. Students role-played forensic detectives in the solving of the fictitious murder of a famous pop star. The ‘detectives’ used methods such as chromatography, finger printing, testing for ‘poison’, foot print cast rubbing, photo fit, soil comparisons and microscope work. They also used data on blood groups and body temperature. From their findings they constructed a case and presented their solution to the crime to the rest of the group. Some were so keen on the dressing up that they took their protective clothing items home with them.
The whole group launched themselves into the investigation with much enthusiasm and application. The witness who was interviewed reported that she had been told to keep to the facts and stop complaining about her spoilt carpet which the police were not going to pay for!

Virginia, who lead the day, said that she really enjoyed working with such a fun and hard working group. They are a credit to their schools.

We are all looking forward to the next event- A Slice of Excellence.


For further information on our 2016/2017 programme, please click on the links below

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“Best day ever!”


“I have really enjoyed the day, the walk to the woods was very tranquil and I really liked feeding the goats-they are very greedy.”


A member of staff from one of the participating schools said “The children had a wonderful time and were full of enthusiasm when they arrived back at school.  They can’t wait for the next one.”