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A team of Keyworkers is working in most primary and secondary schools in the Education Futures Trust, helping children who are having difficulties at school.

A Keyworker works with the child in school, and with the family outside school, to try to improve behaviour, motivation and engagementin the classroom.

Our support is regular and sustained over a period of about 13 weeks in order to achieve success in breaking down barriers to learning.

Each Keyworker:

  • supports a small number of children in one or two schools
  • provides information to the child’s family about other services that may also help
  • keeps in touch with other services which might be involved
  • Makes links between family school and other partners

For the child we provide:

  • sustained support from a significant adult
  • access to extra resources and materials
  • help to improve behaviour and/or attendance
  • contact on at least a weekly basis
  • access to appropriate out-of-school activities

For the family we provide:

  • a ‘listening’ ear
  • suggestions about the range of services that can help
  • support in contacting the appropriate agencies
  • contact between home and school


From Parents:
‘[keyworker] helped me understand my child more’
‘a lot less stress [within family]’
‘pointed me in the right direction for courses and given strategies to use’
‘worked with us as a family and individuals’
‘[given me] more confidence to cope with situations and I have been able to source more info and courses myself’
‘[keyworker] took me to groups and supported the children’
‘I have a routine now for the children’

From Children we have worked with:
‘It helped a lot with calming down before I do things and speaking out to others’
‘I liked sewing’
• ‘it was fun’