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Learning Mentors

Learning Mentors work in primary and secondary schools under the supervision of the Inclusion Manager or SENCo. They provide support and guidance to children and young people by removing barriers to learning in order to promote effective participation, raised attainment and full potential. The duration of a typical intervention is approximately thirteen weeks or two terms.

Typically, Learning Mentors work on a one to one basis in order to develop a supportive relationship with the child. Learning Mentors also deliver to small groups when it is appropriate and can offer advice and support in the classroom.

Key areas of focus are:
• Anger Management
• Self-esteem
• Social skills
• Play skills
• Classroom skills
• Academic support
• Challenging behaviour
• Loss and separation
• Attendance

In collaboration with their Keyworker colleagues, Learning Mentors offer a variety of clubs and activities for children both on and off the school site. They also provide activities and support for children during the school holidays.