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The Education Futures Trust is a charitable organisation which seeks to advance education for the public benefit in Hastings and Rye, and the surrounding area. We aim to support the establishment, development and delivery of programmes, initiative and projects that will advance education and enable the participants to derive maximum benefit.

We support the advancement of the aspirations of children and young people, their families and communities. Via our EFT Keyworkers and Learning Mentors we provide targeted support for children both in and out of the school environment. We enable people to learn through experience, in particular through opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them.

The Trust also aims to provide support in advancing the education and development of persons working in schools or other institutions/services working in the field of education. We endeavour to share information and recommendations on good practice in the field of education and learning and provide access to innovative ways of learning, including through informal methods of education.

Accelerate is an Education Futures Trust funded programme to support long term unemployed people get back to work. We offer flexible One-to-One support which leads participants to volunteering and work placements. Further information can be obtained by contacting us



Education Futures Trust has launched ‘Leading Edge College – Masterclasses for the gifted’ – an exciting new venture for years 4/5 and 6/7 pupils.  Session 1 – Crime Team Investigation where pupils will use forensic techniques and cross examination to identify a killer and their motive.  For more information about this workshop, please click here

For further information about the series of events, please click here


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